Production in July averaged 5,600 Boe per day based on field estimates, and third quarter production is forecast to be 6,100 to 6,500 Boe per day. Corporate production will increase by approximately 4,100 Boe per day when the new field compression facility is operational at Umbach in late August 2014.

Storm’s 2014 guidance is unchanged from the most recent revision in May 2014 and is set forth below.



January 23, 2014

 Original Guidance

May 14, 2014

Revised Guidance

AECO natural gas price

$3.35 per GJ

$4.25 per GJ

Edmonton Par light oil price

Cdn $89 per bbl

Cdn $94 per bbl




Estimated average operating costs

$8.00 - $9.00 per Boe

$8.00 - $9.00 per Boe

Estimated average royalty rate (on production revenue before hedging)

14% - 15%

15% - 16%

Estimated operations capital, excluding acquisitions & dispositions

$78.0 million

$97.0 million

Estimated acquisitions

$88.0 million

$88.0 million

Estimated cash G&A net of recoveries

$4.0 million

$4.0 million

Forecast fourth quarter average production

7,500 – 7,900 Boe/d

8,900 – 9,200 Boe/d


(20% oil + NGL)

(20% oil + NGL)

Forecast average annual production

5,500 – 6,500 Boe/d

6,000 – 6,700 Boe/d


(21% oil + NGL)

(21% oil + NGL)

Umbach horizontal wells drilled

10 gross (10.0 net)

14 gross (14.0 net)

Umbach horizontal wells completed & tied in

9 gross (9.0 net)

13 gross (12.6 net)


Adjusted net debt at the end of 2014 is forecast to be $50.0 to $55.0 million which would be approximately 0.9 times annualized funds from operations in the fourth quarter of 2014 (assuming commodity prices in the third and fourth quarters of 2014 are AECO $3.75 per GJ and Edmonton Par Cdn $94.00 per barrel).


At Umbach, drilling and completion operations continued through spring break-up and there are currently six Montney horizontal wells (6.0 net) that have been completed and pipeline connected that will begin producing in September 2014 when the new 24 Mmcf per day field compression facility is operational. An additional six Montney horizontal wells have been drilled and will be completed and tied in as facility capacity becomes available. As a result of improving horizontal well performance, timing to expand the new facility is being accelerated with capacity increasing to 36 Mmcf per day at the end of the first quarter of 2015 and to 48 Mmcf per day early in the third quarter of 2015. With increasing confidence in the repeatability and improved productivity of horizontal wells at Umbach plus a strong balance sheet (year-end debt is forecast to be less than one times cash flow), acceleration of development activities is likely in 2015 if the natural gas price is equal to or greater than $3.50 per GJ at AECO.


Approximately one-third of Storm’s land position at Umbach (47.6 net sections) has been delineated with 24.4 net horizontal wells leaving 165.6 net horizontal locations remaining to drill in the upper Montney interval (assuming four horizontal wells per section). The remaining two-thirds of Storm’s land position has not yet been tested but remains highly prospective given results from horizontal wells drilled by other operators on offsetting acreage.

Storm’s land position in the HRB continues to be a core, long-term asset with significant leverage to improving natural gas prices.